Artist Statement

Patterns and flow. A singular movement or moment caught on record.

Sandra Perlow uses memory as a tool to create an abstract archive of everyday objects, surroundings, and experiences. Visual and sensory information are filtered through memory: architectural structures, interior and exterior spaces, patterns and texture, movements and interactions of passersby, and light and shadow. Forms and colors are layered over one another to symbolize impressions made in a glance.

Perlow's body of work serves two functions: it is both a historical document and a personal diary. Her paintings and collages chronicle all that she has seen, over many years, through a code of color and form. Utilizing combinations of woodcut, monoprint, collage, and acrylic, compositions are worked into a paper or canvas surface. Perlow builds surfaces that layer memory and fleeting impressions; a line across the canvas is a landscape, a textured paper collage is a response to a clip of overheard conversation, a vibrant color is the feeling of a warm day. From seemingly disparate sources, a cohesive world emerges. Idiosyncratic combinations of shapes and color converge to communicate a response to the cacophony of existence.


Sandra Perlow is the recipient of several awards and residencies including Yaddo, the American Academy in Rome, the Chicago Artist Coalition, and at The Spertus Institute. In 2013, she was invited to speak about her work in relation to that of Philip Guston at The Art Institute of Chicago. Her works have been exhibited at Dubhe Carreno Gallery, Rockford Art Museum, the Brauer Museum in Indiana, and Linda Warren Gallery in Chicago, among others. She was a member of the Spertus Institute’s Midwestern Arts Lab residency program for 2016-2017. She recently presented a solo exhibition at the South Bend Museum of Art in Summer 2018.

The Discussion 43x40 Paper Collage Acrylic 2017.jpg