Artist Statement

Patterns and flow.

The artist communicates through her reactions to pattern, shape, and color. Sandra Perlow thinks about surfaces when she walks. She takes note of passing traffic in relation to her own personal space as she considers her next move. As she walks, responses to pattern and color emerge. When she travels over a surface that becomes a challenge, she knows that the key is not to over-think it but to relax.

This movement process is relevant to her studio practice, which utilizes combinations of woodcut, monoprint, collage and acrylic media that are worked into a paper or canvas surface. As on the busy city streets, the studio is a place where Perlow slows down so she can work over the surfaces she builds and add embellishment gleaned from her experiences in the world.


Sandra Perlow is the recipient of several awards as well as residencies at Yaddo, the American Academy in Rome, the Chicago Artist Coalition, and at The Spertus Institute. In 2013, she was invited to speak about her work in relation to that of Philip Guston at The Art Institute of Chicago. Her works have been exhibited at Dubhe Carreno Gallery, Rockford Museum, the Brauer Museum in Indiana, and the Linda Warren Galleries in Chicago, among others. She was a member of the Spertus Institute’s Midwestern Arts Lab residency program for 2016-2017. She will present a solo exhibition at the South Bend Museum of Art in Summer 2018.

The Discussion 43x40 Paper Collage Acrylic 2017.jpg